Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Haircut Syndrome

We always get a haircut.
It's not really a must, but it's a need to most of us.

People usually cut their hair to make them look good.
Look better.
And feel much better.
To raise their self-esteem.

That is why a lot of people would go like
"Hey checkout my new haircut" everytime they got themselves a haircut.
Because haircuts generally make people feel better.
At least that's what it's supposed to do.

So, i got a haircut.
Just a simple haircut. Nothing fancy. Nothing extraordinary.
And no, not to raise my self-esteem.

But it's because of the forthcoming exams.
I always have the habit of cutting my hair before exams.
So that i can "study" well.
The extra bit of hair would only make my head heavier,
which would disturb my process of studying.
That's how i looked at it, at least.

As much as i would love to keep my hair and let it grow long,
i just can't.
It just looks wrong.
Damn i want the Zac Efron or the 'surfer dude' kinda hairstyle.

This might sound gay but damn his hair is awesome.

But hey, i know myself, and i know my hair even better.
Those kinds of hairstyle are not meant for my type of hair.
I can't pull it off.
I don't have super straight hair.
Not curly either, but more towards wavy.

That's why i stick to semi-mohawk style of mine.

The thing is, and back to the main point of haircuts,
there's a lil' something that i wanna share with you.
I call it the haircut syndrome.
I found this graph somewhere on the net.

Don't you think that it's true?
I'm sure that most, if not all, of you can somehow relate to the graph.
Take a look at it again.

It's just bloody accurate. Don't you think?

When you start the haircutting process, you'll be all excited thinking of how great your hair would look like.
As it goes along, the excitement builds more and more.
Approximately 5 minutes before the end of your haircut, you would say to yourself
"This is just perfect."

But somehow, after the barber/hairstylist/mamak/amoi adds a little bit of the finishing touch,
your hair will somehow look terrible.
Or maybe suddenly it looks terrible on its own.
Don't you agree?

And the worst part is,
when they show you the mirror at the back of your head to complete it all,
you'd go like
"yeah yeah, that's good, that's how i wanted it" or "owh, okay cantik cantik".

But deep down inside, there's a feeling of.. i don't know, reluctance?
Regret? Dissatisfaction?

But the good thing is, around a week after your haircut, you would feel much better and say,
"Hey, it's not that bad. It looks even better now."

So, the conclusion is,
always ask the barber/hairstylist/mamak/amoi to stop 5 minutes earlier,
so that you won't feel shitty.
But, that would make it the new 'end', which would also make you feel shitty.
So, stop 10 minutes earlier.
But then again, wait, this is never ending..

It's not that i hate it, it's okay but it's just.. arghh.. But i still look good anyway haha

So, the final conclusion is,
don't get a haircut.

The best haircut is the one you walked into the salon/barbershop with.


Ayeen said...

omg. the graph is sooo true weh! seriously!!

leafareesya said...

oke lah tuh.
semart sikit.
takde la semak mate pandang :)
nanti panjang jugak rmbut tuh.

chris_lim said...

Same here, I'm juz planning to cut my hair end of this week before my finals. It's like a necessity.

However, you got it right. End of haircut is always shitty especially when you're dealing with an Indian barber who don't understand BM!!!

Arief Arf said...

kan kan kan?

betul la jugak.. haha

yeah, in the end, the barber would always cut ur hair just the way he wanted to. said...

Yo....nvm, a cut is a cut and u do need it, no? Anyway, I like your dyed hair. Coool....

Jard The Great said...

kah kah kah.. panjangnye entri pasal haircut semata-mata.. ;p

lizz said...

wah! suke haircut cam ni. kemas, simple but stylo too :)

Arief Arf said...

thanx! =P

biasa la kan, benda kecik pun jadi besar. hahaha

thanx! =P

Yern Ain said...

Check Out John Mayer new hair-do. awesome!

Anonymous said...

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