Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Fuel Lid/Cover

This is the continuation of the post entitled I Filled Up the Gas for Free.
If you haven't read it yet, it is advisable that you read it first so that you can attain the maximum input from
the story.
Click here to read it.


So, right after filling up the gas with the girlfy at the Kg. Baru Petronas station,
we decided to go to Mid Valley to pick up our booked cinema ticket, Jennifer's Body.

To avoid the after-office traffic jam,  we used some shortcuts here and there (Girlfy is GPS).
We even used the University Malaya exits to avoid traffic.
And just right outside UM, near the Pantai area, something weird happened.

There were quite a lot of cars on the road, and the traffic was somewhat heavy.
Then there was this rempitmotorcyclist beside our car.
The windscreen was wind down (the Kancil Turbo has faulty air-conds) and this motorcyclist guy is shouting to us, from the girlfy's side.

Kak, kak!

The guy was shouting to the girlfy, and he was pointing towards the car.
I looked at the guy, and i was like, what the hell is wrong with this him?
I'm afraid that he might snatch the girlfy's handbag or something (this cases do happen).

I looked again at him, and he looks kinda familiar.
Wait, this guy looks familiar.
Oh, it's a faculty mate.
Then he shouted,

Eh, Arip!
Weh, tempat minyak kau terbukak doh!

I couldn't really hear him because both of us were speeding.
After a while, i managed to understand what he was saying, and so i immediately stopped by the road
to take a look.

Indeed. The fuel lid was open, and the fuel tank's lid was right on top of the car.
Still there, unmoved.

Gempak tak?

I'm not sure how did the thing can manage to stay up there from Kg. Baru to Bangsar via Damansara.
It's as if the thing did not move at all, even after some extreme manoeuvres and all.
What are the odds?

I would not want to imagine what would, or could have happened if i did not realise about the fuel lid.
Just a flick of a cigarette would blow us into smithereens, and you would be reading some tragic story in the newspaper instead of this post.

Now, THAT, was close.
I still do have a little bit of luck in me i guess.

So, the moral of the story is

If you want to take money which is not yours, always be EXTRA careful after that.

Never ever take anything that doesn't belong to you. 
Honesty is the best policy.

Or are there more lessons?
Ahh.. whatever. I learned mine.


Alia N. said...

Haha i think that is call karma :P

Mr.Clive said...

aku ase aku tersalah beri ko a few ten ringgits gak doh.kalau ko ase bersalah,bagilah balik ek.hahahaha

ellenyna said...

haha, anggap je la itu rezeki you okay :) tp luckily ada org inform pasal tank's lid tu.

Anonymous said...

i had experienced the same. n teng god, nothing happened :P

Arief Arf said...

alia n,
yep. it is karma.

oi. ko yang hutang aku ader la..

haha.. nasib baikkkk

oh, at least im not the only one..

FirdHaikaL CHinta ilLahi said...

rezeki tue...ambil saja....
sokong cakap alia...karma...

YobSumo said...

oh ok... in that case should i follow the 1st nasihat or the second one? I'm a bit confused here :p

Lizz said...

hehehe. hukum karma? my new entry huh?

Arief Arf said...

tu la, rezeki kan, tak elok tolak.

take whichever lesson you feel is more appropriate! hahaha

yeah, kinda.. haha

Mr.Clive said...

tu la...minom g kelas penuh ngan bangkai semut...nilah jadinyerr....hahahahahaha

Mr.Clive said...

lawat lah blog aku ok geng sume!!! :D

Arief Arf said...

sempat lagi nak promote blog eh!

Mr.Clive said...

eh salah...kelas pulak


Anonymous said...

Ko kena blanje aku. Baru la hilang ko punye sial tu. hehe...

Mr.Clive said...

kalau belanja khair,lagilah sial kot

Arief Arf said...

aku blanje air teh. nak?

sebok lah ko! hahahaha

LorimA said...

mcm aku je si motorcyclist tu..huhu.

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