Friday, November 13, 2009

I Filled Up the Gas for Free

I went out with the girlfy yesterday.
So, as usual, if i'm in the college, i would borrow my friend's Kancil Turbo.

Normally, when you use somebody's car, you would always fill up the oil right?
Of course.
So, i filled up the gas at the Petronas station in Kg. Baru. It was around 5pm, and the after office rush is starting to kick in.

So, i filled up RM10 (cukup la tu) for that time, and gave the akak counter RM50.
The balance was supposed to be RM40, right?

RM50 - RM10 = RM40

But no. She gave me 5 pieces of RM10 instead.
I counted the money in front of her.
She was unaware. Totally.
This means, i'm about to fill up the gas for free.

Then, guilty conscience starts to creep in.

Should i take it?
Should i return it?

Usually, in most cases, i would surely return back the money. It's just RM10 anyway.
But somehow, i really had a hard time in deciding whether to return or not.

Then, i slowly turned around, and walked away from the counter.

What the fuck? Why am i doing this?
It's not worth it. Think of all the 'sial' that's surely gonna happen.
Remember Karma? 
What you give you get back. What you take you will lose.
Quick, go and return it!

Somehow, after all that shit came up on my mind,
i couldn't gather enough strength to turn back and return the money.
I went straight to the car, and drove off.
Why oh why?

I am Evil.
I'm sorry.
I never intended it.

If you were in my position, what would you do?

And little that i know, this decision would later haunt me....
Don't forget to come back later and read the continuation of this story..


sya mansor said...

thanks for dropping by and leaving some footprints in my blog. much appreciated :)

bout ur story, i duno, i think u shud really return it. been in a similar situation before, but the amount was less than rm10 la. after all, it wasn't mine, and it shud remain dat way. still, it's up to u, mate.

Alia N. said...

i still give it without a doubt.
n say something 'nasib baik saya baik tau kak."
tsk tsk. u ah. tsk tsk.

Ayeen said...

damn. karma will definitely come and bite u at the ass dude. haha. cant wait untuk cerita lanjutan. hihi ;p

Arief Arf said...

yeah, ure right..

alia n,
oh, siap ada hint of sarcasm lagi tu.

yep. what goes around comes around.
stay tuned!

YobSumo said...

WTT(tuttt) habislah kau lepasni.

KARMA beb!

I wouldn't be in your position cause definitely I'll return the money. so nice of me ha :p lol

bagus lah nuff kau, semua keluar.

Plankton McPlank said...

With luck comes superior math skills which then automatically cancel out the bad karma. Haha. Don't worry.

Gnet said...

if i were in your position, it depends really.
kalau time tu i'm like so damn broke, i dont have money nemore, i will definitely drive off without telling.
but normal case, return balik la. :D

Anonymous said...

Patutnye ko ckp kat akak tu duit baki xckup lg RM10. haha.

Arief Arf said...

eleh. hah, ape lagi, klik la sume!

i dont have luck, and i dont have superior math skills.
so, the bad karma cant be avoided..

true true. but return balik?

bagus jugak idea anda. sangat bernas!

SuRayA^i. said...

lol, if it's me, i'll gv the money back to akak counter~

takut jd duit x halal. hehe

Anonymous said...


or not.

you ass is still fucked. gonna, anyway. if not already. :D

Arief Arf said...

haha, yeah i know. i feel so guilty.

... said...

Oh dear, the poor Kak will have to fork out the 10rm, don't u think so? Anyway, like u say, you counted in front of her so....?!

Arief Arf said...

yeah, poor akak counter.

Mr.Clive said...

i experienced this situation before.yes,like gnet said,if im broke,i'll leave without hesitations.but if i ade duit2 sket,bagi jer lah 30ke,20ke...hoho


im still a capitalist anyway.

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