Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sentul Curry House

I woke up earlier this morning, feeling so hungry.
Sleepy-faced and all, i asked my mum, what's for lunch.
She said, oh, let's go out, fetch dad and eat outside.

What a great way to start your day huh?
Discuss about food. Where to eat. Splendid.
So, we went to Sentul Curry House.

Bright sunny day huh?

It's located in.. yes, you guessed it right genius, Sentul.
My parents have been raving about this place, and so it's time for me to check it out.

Decisions, decisions..

The name of the restaurant says it all.
It's basically and Indian restaurant, selling curry and stuffs. Duh.

I'm a vegetarian. NOT

There's a variety of mamak food here. Even more than the usual nasi kandar joints like Pelita.
There are also ulams and what not.

Taking the mutton is a must. Damn it tastes good.
Then there's also some crabs(ketam), and chicken.

It's so fresh that you can still hear the mbeeekkkk sounds occasionally

However, the price is quite steep though.
A pergedel (i don't know its English name, if there is one) costs 3 fucking bucks!
But it's huge and very meaty and very potato-ish.
Justified? I don't know.

I had 'makanan' for lunch. You?

The receipt says only 'makanan' there. So i'm not really sure which one is which.
But heck, who cares when you're not paying, right?

I did not manage to snap a photo of all the things that i eat.
When you're that hungry, you just don't care. haha
The only picture that i took at the table was the aftermath.

You know what is kebuntat?

What i like about eating mamak curry during the afternoon is that it makes you sleepier than eating a normal Malay food.
Blame the kas-kas.

Oh, time for an evening nap before going to the Yahoo! Youreka! party!


♣ haNie ♣ said...

i'm suppose not viewing ur blog now....

Mr.Clive said...

comelnyer dierrr anak bongsu...wakakakakakaka

Anonymous said...

wahhh kalau time lapar konpem meleleh ayaq liur ni.. hehe

Fina said...

i L.O.V.E curries !

natra md.nor said...

haha.. gle classic receipt die! snang2 je die nk tipu nnt.. owh n its begedil.. not "pergedel"..

farenova said...

wahhh sedappnyer

sya mansor said...

heaven! lagi2 bile orang lain yg bayarkan :)

Arief Arf said...

haa pi la makan.. nyum nyum

haha sampah la ko..

hanida lavida,
konpem hang tengah meleleh ni kan..

yeah. who doesnt?

oi. betul la pergedel.
mane ade begedil.
tak kira. aku nak eja camtu jugak.

akak blanja la. lagi sedap.

you said it right!

hans said...

adakah ini yang dikatakan diet?
RM70 n above>?
haha...lupakan angan2 kau yer arief

YobSumo said...

pergh very expensive lah this mamak!

what is kebuntat?

what is Kas Kas?

Is it Pergedel or Bergedel? coz this is the 1st time in my life I come across with "pergedel". potatoes right?

zz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eLLa said...

mknn ag..
xleyh tgk mknn..
lappo tbe2..hehe

Ieda the Rainbow Princess said...

Salam..Hi..Arif..I love to eat Curry too especially the Chicken Curry..Its very delicious!

p/s: Curry Mee pun sodap!Hehe.. :)

Anonymous said...

weyh. ko bgn awal pkl brape? 11.59 PAGI ke? ko nibt aku lapo lak.

i'msosupernotcool said...

77rm is alot man..
must b the mutton..

but same as all mamak shop..
the taste tell its all..

gosh i luv mamak..

sasha* said...

i can eat at mamak for breakfastttt only.lain-lain tak boleh masukk huhu

zahidahzin said...

Mamak pun mahal? Ish. Oh ya harus ke jelir lidah tu? haha kidding!

Arief Arf said...

ahaha diet aku dah kemana dah..
xpe xpe, its worth it!

kas kas tu benda yang buat ngantuk tu..
kebuntat tu nanti aku cerita..hehe

haha.. gi la makan. ape lagi..

semua benda yang berkenaan curry semua pun sedap lah!

tepat sekali! awal la tu kan?

yeah 77 is a lot.
i think its the ketam.

why for bfast only?

harus lahhhh!!

Zura said...

klau dh lapa mana nk pndang kiri kanan...
tp seleranye lauk2 dia...

Hananeechan said...

bergedil la weyh. btw, laparrrrr

hans said...

nih daging lembu ke kambing la bersepah lepas nih dalam peti ais
ko diet lepas raya lah
apapun2 selamat ari raya aidilahda kepada member baru saya -> en.arief si penyimpan tegar kek

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

pekat curry tu..

ielamorry said...

yeah, memg nmpak extra pekat lah curry tu. mcm nak try jugak plak. tp...mahalnyaaa....

takpe2, seret orng2 yang boleh membelanja~~ hahahaha XD

Rowena Chasez said...

eeeeiiiiii u..
wat i lapar je...

Arief Arf said...

haha taw xpe..

ala same jelaaa..

haha penyimpan tegar kek?
teruk gile bunyi..

lampu neon,
nampak pekat, tapi sedap!

tu la.. sedap.. xrugi..

rowena chasez,
ape lagi, makan laa!!

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