Friday, November 27, 2009

You Will See A Lot Of This, Everywhere.

New Moon.

Yeah, now that the movie is out yesterday, you will hear/see/read more about this thing, everywhere.
In the papers, in blogs, reviews, TV and what not.
Just wait and see.


And i have watched this movie at the cinema, yesterday.

It's not easy to get tickets for hot movies like this huh?
The girlfy did all the work by buying the tickets a few days in advance.
I didn't have to lift a finger.
But i still haven't watched 2012 though.

The cinema was packed like hell of course.
I wonder how people watched the movie at the front row seating.

Then there were a lot of groupies, stupid teenage or tween girls and a whole lotta gayboys
who seem to gasp and ooh and ahh everytime Edward or Jacob takes off their shirt.
Yeah, to that extent.

Oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD!

And at the last scene, these girls/boys got so excited that they screamed, and clapped their hands.
Seriously man? Get a life please.

While the Twilight hardcores would argue between team Edward or team Jacob, the Twilight haters say that this movie is for teenage girls who have too much imagination about having a very cool boyfriend.
Whatever, i'm on neither side.
I'm neutral. But i have to say that the movie is not bad, and it is rather enjoyable.

So, why do these people love Twilight and got so sucked up into this world?
A British psychotherapist Derek Draper said,

"The vampire is a metaphor for the predatory yet alluring boy. The young girl wants to be chased and she wants to be caught. Coarsely put, the bite stands in for penetration."

Well, i could agree on the part where the girl wants to be chased and all.
But penetration?

Looks like Edward Cullen has made the fangs the new penis.

You want me to penetrate you?

I have my own fangs too.
Who wants to get bitten?

Oh, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha everybody!


ielamorry said...

alaaa... belum tgk lagi new moon.

hahah. but bukan fanatik gila pun kat twilight, so tara papa..
tggu redha sikit lah cinema baru tgk :)

"the Twilight haters say that this movie is for teenage girls who have too much imagination about having a very cool boyfriend."

lmao. HAHA.

FirdHaikaL CHinta ilLahi said...

tak sabar nak gie tengok new moon...

zahidahzin said...

i'm gonna watch that soon so taknak baca ur review nnt tak suspen. haha!

misz benida said...

slamat hari rya aidiladha..
pnt la bca blog ni..
dh la aku ni xreti2 speking-spekong..
huh,bguna gak kamus aku bli mhal2..haha

hans said...

aku xminat this movie la
new moon ker bulan baru la
best sangat ker?

Arief Arf said...

tu lah. bukan fanatik pun..
tapi kalau nak tunggu reda kena la tunggu beminggu2 lagi..

ahaha.. lame lagi la nak tunggu tgk kat wayang..

dont worry no spoilers!

miss benida,
mane ade pakai english hebat2 pun..
simple je..

tataw nak ckp apelah..
tapi best gak ar.. xrugi..

Budak Kuning said...

bro, akoo tak minat puntianak..sbb aku penakut..hihii..:P

natra md.nor said...

I'm not a die hard fan for twilight, but still its kinda sad how the movie changed the beauty of the novel written in the first place.. But well, can't quite blame the fan r kan! They are HOT! hahhaaha...

Syazlina said...

i dnt quite like the ending:S. have to wait for another year for Eclipse to come out. haihh. the book is muchhh better kan?

FirdHaikaL CHinta ilLahi said...

that's why la kena tunggu dan tak sabar nie arief...

arief budak UM ke?fird bukak fbook tadi...sebab fird dak UM gak....

eLLa said...

hepi eid..
xtgk ag cter nie
nk tgk...huhu

iyllienaz said... xminat lak nk tgok new moon ni..haha..better tgok senario..

chah~ said...

huhuhu.. dy punye novel lagi best dari muvie.. hohoho

Liyana said...

selamat hari raya aidiladha..

eh, gigi tu memang ada taring g2 ke..
oh my god, oh my god..

Arief Arf said...

budak kuning,
tak jantan la luu! haha

ive never read the book.
so, i cant say anything..

i didnt read the book.. so i don't know.. just have to wait then..

ha ah.. um..

pegi la tgk.. xrugi gak ar..

senario?! oh come on!

yeke.. xbaca lagi la.
so taktaw la..

selamat hari raya aidiladha to u too!
and yeah, that gigi is mine!

YobSumo said...

me me! bite me!

oohhhh ahhhhhh!


cukup harkat tak tu?

Anonymous said...

but for me, some of the best vampy movies ever made in the universe (pls dont mind the exaggeration) are Queen of the Damned and Interview With the Vampire. pergh syiok gila. and also Blade. woahh

twilight? i only favor those werewolves. nothing but the werewolves. hahaha

sya mansor said...

a friend keeps mentioning bout team jacob and team edward on facebook. it's annoying. she does it like every hour and keeps telling she can't decide to be on which side. uhhh!

ellenyna said...

:) hehe. 2012 ? The ending was bored ? How did they survive when they say 'end of day' ?

hans said...

suwuh member aku download jer lah

Ieda the Rainbow Princess said...

Salam..Wahhh!Arief..dh g tgk Muvee nie!Kite br nk kuar ptg krg g theater nk tgk Muvee ala2 seram romatik nii..

Salam AidilAdha,Maaf Zahir Batin! :)

~Team Jacob! ;p Thihiihiii~

@adlynna@ said...

new moon cm kureng bes je..
sbb edward xbnyk kua sngt..
bnyk y c serigala 2..
ish ish...
pape pon..
edward encem dowhhh...

Arief Arf said...

yob, telebih harakat dah tu.
meh sini aku gigit.

jude johan,
blade? seriously?

it is damn bloody annoying!

i havent watched 2012 yet!

cite camni tak feel la kalau tak tgk wayang..

haha.. awal kan?
oh, so team jacob huh?

edward hensem ke?
macam pucat smacam jer..
no komen..

hans said...

diorang kata film no 2 lagi bagus dari yang pertama ari tu?
betul kah?

Arief Arf said...

hmm.. so-so la..
tataw nak compare mcm mane..
rasenye due2 pun ok..
nak taw kene tgk!

Anonymous said...

hahaha. eh wait dorang jerit and clapped?
u tgok kat mne?
cinelesure?on the 26?1.30?
mcm same je:P

"his movie is for teenage girls who have too much imagination about having a very cool boyfriend.
Whatever, i'm on neither side."
hahahahaha. maybe your just jelous sbb taste girls tinggi sangat haha

Hananeechan said...

the books are so much better..i finished all 4 in just less than a week. and re-read it..huhu
but watching the movie does help giving me some visualization..although some of the actors are not like what i expected..

maybe i should do the casting then.. :p

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