Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Shopping Mentality

It's that time of the year again.
Nope, not the end of the year, not quite.
It's the year end sale.

Looks like everybody is in a shopping mood.
Not only the females, but the males, too, like to shop.
They, too, like to spend and splurge.

But from my point of view, i think that guys and girls have a different way,
or mentality,
when it comes to shopping.

Take a look at the picture.
It says,
Up to 70% off!

Of course, it is appealing, tempting, and just plain exciting, right?
 When looking at the picture, the females would most probably say,
OMG, it's 70%! So cheap! Let's go and buy!

While their male counterparts would most probably get just as excited, they would, however, think first,
Hmm.. 70%? So how much that's gonna be?

Do you agree with me?

Through my observations and research (ahem),
i have made some conclusions.

I see that women don't really mind about the final price.
To them, the initial price and the number before the % is more important.
For example,

OMG i just bought this shoes, only RM240!!
What?? That's expensive!
The 'before price' was RM800! 70% discount!! Huh!
But still, RM240 is a lot for that kind of shit.
But it's 70%!
Well, i certainly think that's a huge waste.
But it's 70%!

That's the typical female.
For men, however,
it's the final price that matters.

So, how much is this?
It's RM240, sir.
What? RM240?? No way.
But the original price is RM800, sir. 70% off sir!
I don't give a fuck. It's still expensive.

See the difference?
Ever been in any of the two situations above?

The conclusion is, men use their brain when it comes to shopping and money.
Women just fucking don't.

(ahhh i can hear a lot of disgruntled readers already)


Anonymous said...

Yeah agree! still 70% what?:P

chah~ said...

huhu.. yup it's still xpensive.. kalo aku x beli dah.. hahaha

nn said...

it depends ok!! huhu. 240 memang lah mahal tapi tengok lah brand jugak. if high end brand yg memang cecah ribu tetibe jatuh 240 for sure lah beli! hehe. but only if i know i'll use it. sometimes ada orang beli beli beli but tak guna pun. huhu

♣ haNie ♣ said...

70% ok!
hahahahaah..demm laa..

tp bila pikir blk..mcm bangang pn ade..
ntah season ke berapa punya collection..
br nk beli..

tapi..shopping is girls best friends!
n also a gooooood theraphy..


Elin said...

70% lahhh, who can resisttt? :P

Count as lesson learnt :D
Lepas ni nak shopping guna brain jugak, takde ah pokai sgt jadinya -.-

iyllienaz said...

oho..i totally agree with u..mmg betol pon..haha

enyheartsdiamond said...

i admit it :)

Mr.Clive said...

to hell 70%,:P

i mean,if 70% from initial price of rm100,oklah...haha

ellenyna said...

I fikir mcm guy fikir.
bila org cakap 70% kalau branded² tu kan, pelbagai harga ratus², kalau 70% tu tak rasa sgt discount nyeee !

Amar Syafiq said...

agree! good one hahaha :p

harim hamdan said...

hi, just passing by..

well, that's not always true about women. there are women who use their brain when it comes to shopping.
and shophaholic is not necessary for women only, there are guys who buy everything they want without using brain.

so i guess, your observation is not totally true. if i were to be in that situation, i pass that expensive shoe and instead look for something i really can afford, and really really need.

just my 2 cents ;)

Arief Arf said...

70 tak 70,
its still expensive!

good, ure using ur brain!

yeah.. thats how females think.
its all about brands..

but its still gives me a lot of headaches too

yeah, thats what i want to hear!

haha.. nice!


mr clive,
hahaha yeah..
my point exactly.

really? thats good.
thats how it should be!

memanglah, laki senang je!

Aliyin said...

ah i have to agree with both of the mentality! sangat tepat. damn.

Arief Arf said...

harim hamdan,

yeah. ure right.
i know, i might sound a bit too general bout that,
but yeah, there are some exceptions, just like you said.

what im saying is that, that's the most common way women shop..

but there are also women who use their brains when shopping, huh?

i'msosupernotcool said...

u r rite man..
still damn expensive..

but if i love dat thing so wat the heck..
just grab it..

Ieda the Rainbow Princess said...

Still expensive lh 240 tu..

p/s: Tunggu sale yg discount 90% off! ;p

nand nasyari said...

entry kejam..!!!! ;D
ehehehe..but i use my brain ouh mase shupping.. its a fact..!!! hahaha x)

Zura said...

wah wah wah...sesuke je...xsume ppuan cenggitu...ade yg pk sblm beli...ade yg main tibai je tp tue anak org laod lah..

tp mmg lelaki byk pklah bila nk beli brg...sbb tue xbest shopping ngan org lelaki...

hahhaha... :)

Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

Ha ha, i used to be the woman that u described in this entry. However, sekarang dah leh control my bad spending habit. Dulu yes, pantang tengok mesti beli beli beli. Tapi kadang2 depends gak, for some quality things, kalo dapat 70% even with RM200++ I still think it is such a good bargain.. aish..tengokla..kene bijak membeli :)

natra md.nor said...

haha..btul ape.. Kalo LV ori r cth dpt 200 lebey! sape xnk wey! lalala..

FirdHaikaL CHinta ilLahi said...

sokong kamu...still expensive....

Rowena Chasez said...

mahal lgi 2...
kalo ak..ak pn xkn beli..
mahal sgt 2..

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

Tak terasa sebab i dont do dat cuma too general 'accusation' tuuu...
if kasut, altho 70% sekali pun, kalau final price nya still cecah tahap RM240, woot i'll pass! takkan beli..
kalau orang kaya, takpe boleh belanja ribu riban..for me, lebih meretail therapy kan kalau berbelanja tmpat yang biasa and that product i pakai selalu..

tak semua perempuan suka shopping tau!.. :P

Hananeechan said...

speaking of the devil, my sister just bought a pair of shoes yesterday which cost her 258 after 40% discount..
you got the point there..

and the best thing is, it's supposed to be my birthday gift for her..i wonder why they only give 40% instead of 70%..

nadirah_nor said...

ukh pelik arr laki2x kt dunia nh..;p

el said...

aku rs kan..tiap kali mega sales ni kan...bkn lg murah..lg mahal
depa leh naikan kan harga..pas2 kata ada diskaunnn..shitttt!!!!
depa pun pndai nk cr untung..igt saje2 ke depa wat sales tu...

aku kalo xde duit...tgk 70% tu cam xde pape..tpi kalo duit masyokk beb..sure lantak le xde diskaun pun aku nak beliiii..kahhhh

Meylda Ahmad said...

well me as a 'girl not yet a woman', im not that kind of crazy.
but if the item/product cost about RM240 with a good quality and exclusive, WHY NOT? LOL

syazryn sabry said...


misz benida said...


Luna said...

oh offensive nya! haha!

well, the thing is, pricey things are pricey things, if they are cheap, they wont be LV or blabla u name it.

So, it is cheap when u buy an LV for RM200. Relively cheap.

Alia Ali said...

I would buy something worth RM800 for the price of RM240.
If I really, really want it I most probably will buy it.
But if I'm not fully sure that I want it, I'll sit and think first because RM240 is a lot.

Arief Arf said...

so u agree with both?
that means u agree that women dont use their brains.

yeah, same here.
unless theres an undying love or need for that particular thing,
then, maybe yes.

yep, still expensive!
90%? impossible lah!

why kejam?
terasa ke? hahahahaah
u use ur brains? sure?

betul2.. tak sume mcm tu.
majoriti jer.
laki memang byk berfikir.
biasalah, bijak kan?

cherrie pie,
oh really?
thats u huh?
good that uve changed!

mane dapat LV ori 200 bai..

haa.. laki konfem sokong punye..

oh yeke?
yela sangat.

Arief Arf said...

yeah, i agree. but that last statement, really?
i dont think so!

thats expensive, really!
its 'supposed' to be, but then?

betul la! ape yang peliknya.
bukan pelik tapi rasional!

yeah, betul.
kadang2 lagi mahal. dorang tipu je.
haha... kalau dah masyuk sume benda pun tibai je kan..

yeah, actually it depends a lot on some other factors as well right?
but to some people like me, theres a limit, no matter what!

syazryn sabry,
really? why?
apa hujah anda?

misz benida,

i did not mean to offend anybody!
yeah, but LV for 200?
no way lah.

alia ali,
yeah, i get what u mean.
but i still think 240 is still expensive.

hans said...

aku penah keje dlu dkt shopping mall nih
sometimes memang betul ada less tetapi kebanyakkan nya just tipu jer
dia letak harga yg betul2 mahal pastu dia letak less banyak2
padahal dia untung lagi

nn said...

betul! i penah kerja at one shopping mall juga.

on a side note, sangat penat macam nak patah pinggang!

Hananeechan said...

but then, of coz la i dun wanna pay back..da la 40% je..so, we made a deal..i'll pay half..so, i gave her the left side of the shoes as her birthday present..hahahha

Ayeen said...

ahahahaha yeah! time shopping je! :p

anisizatyA.J said...

hahaha so true!

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