Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Berbuka Puasa with the Prime Minister

Last week, the Prime Minister of Malaysia sent me this.

Letter from the Prime Minister

Nah, that's a printed copy. He didn't exactly sent that to ME, like personally. haha
Me and a friend went there to represent our university (although the university sent other students under other organizations) for a Majlis Berbuka Puasa with the Prime Minister of Malaysia,
Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

It was held at his official house, the Sri Perdana at Putrajaya.
Since the traffic jam sucked like hell, me and my friend arrived around 6.45pm, while the invitation letter says we must reach there by 6pm.
Yeah, typical VIP. lol

Our beloved Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

It was a free-seating event, where around 700 other students from various universities from all over Malaysia are attending, and since we arrived exactly 3 minutes before the PM made his entrance, we swiftly sat down at the nearest, easiest-to-fit in table.

Err.. which is not the table for students.
But for the media. The people from media.
Journalists, cameramen, columnist, and also... a newscaster.
Yes, newscaster.

Me and my friend sat in the same table with Izwan Azir Saleh.
The guy from Buletin Utama at TV3.
He even made a live coverage during the Buletin Utama that night.
Did you watch it?

Familiar, yet?

Since changing tables is no longer an option, we decided to stay there and enjoy the ride.

After the Prime Minister made his speech, and after berbuka with some kuih and stuff,
we went for the Maghrib prayers before going back to the table to eat the main course.

Come to think of it, it's quite yummy

Basically, the food is kinda okay. Nothing special.
I was expecting a roasted lamb actually.

During the event, as usual, i met with some old friends from other universities, made new contacts,
and also got to hangout with Michael Teoh, the co-founder of Youth Entrepreneur Malaysia, and some other youth leaders.

Me and Mike, and also with my ever-so-happy friend Clive

Oh and when i say youth leaders, not the JPP or the MP type of youth leaders.
These youth leaders are youths/students who are entrepreneurs and have their own businesses, founder of this, founder of that.

Youth Leaders

It's kinda cool to be having berbuka puasa with the Prime Minister, although not directly or personally with him, but hey, it's still great.
The PM also took time to chat with the youth leaders to show his support for youths and entrepreneurship, which is really a great thing.

Sadly, i did not manage to get a photo with him.
But hey, at least i got to take a photo with another great man.

 That's Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing for you

After the tarawih prayers (yes!), there's a round of moreh.
Local fruits are served, and there's even a bubur durian with bread!

All in all, it was a great event, and it shows how the PM and the government supports us, the youths, to pursue entrepreneurship, as WE, the youths, are the leaders of tomorrow.

 Spot me!

Let's play spot & win!


b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

bestnya kau..err tak tanya dia kenapa naikan minyak gula gas

Fatin Aliyya said...

ohoho masyuk kot kalo dpt p sn.:)

cool lah.hhe.btw, smart ko engkau bl pakai kot tue.

(ha, kembbang lah tue).ngeh2.:)

happy fasting.^_^

Ery Farieha said...


Ted Hardy said...

glad you have fun.
i wouldn't have go hehe. maluuuuuuu! kena ada teman.

cha said...

wow this is rare.susah tu nak dpt invitation dr PM sndiri kan.best best

armouris said...

info tentang puasa Ramadhan di SIHAT SELALU - Puasa Baik Untuk Kesihatan

Rowena Chasez said...

PM hensem kan live??

Fina Sophie said...

eh.. got pic of you XD

nn said...

cheh. pemimpin rupanya. :DD

btw, beli barang raya @ putrajaya tu kalau ikut email ada jual barang nike, adidas, bill keith, arnold palmer, the body shop, camel, jeep... :)

Wanie-san said...

bestnye beb!
ada tanya PM economi negara makin maju o not??haha

chris federick said...

Wow not bad bro... not bad at all. Ok f u! im so jealous hahahaha.

Wawa~* said...

the good think is u get to meet new ppl bila join this kind of event.. yay to that~! ;)

Arief Arf said...

hahahah soalan kau memang bagus ar. aku tak terpikir pulak

fatin aliyya,
*kembang kempis*


kenapa nak kena malu pulak?
selamba sudaahhh

yeah, agak la.
bukan setiap hari dapat camni hahaha

hmm boleh tahan gak ar hensem.

Arief Arf said...

fina sophie,
yeah, got pic of me!

owh, nice stuffs on sale huh

wanie san,
ade. die cakap nanti die sms. hahahaha

i know ure jealous.

yeah! networking!

nadirah_nor said...

jeless okay!!
JELES -..-

Anonymous said...

such a lucky guy, can buka puasa with pm!!

annfrendly said...

wow... bestnya :)
bukak pose gan PM..
He's my Idol..

Pinky Pixie said...

wuwuwu, teingin juga nk bukak pose ngn pm..

~Sis said...

Good good. Ada peluang macam ni jgn dilepaskan.

Anne Boleyn said...

1st time juga dtg sini and tinggalkan komen. thanx tau sbb bg komen kt entry HLN. :)

whoa!buka posa dengan PM tuu..
Awak ni mesti ketua MPP kan kan kan?? :)

syahira ariff said...

prestij abes majlis ngan PM

Amar Syafiq said...

stylo dowh! gila best! next time kalau ada benda ni ajak aku!! terawih??? hahahaha

hans said...

yg baca berita tv3 tu ker
belajar dkt fakulti aku tu skrg

P/S : DIGI Sayang Aku Agaknya! Hahaha!

Arief Arf said...

nadirah nor,
jangan jelessss yeeee hohoho

haha lucky me!

pegi la bukak puasa ngan die.

pinky pixie,
pegi la rumah die.


Arief Arf said...

anne boleyn,
eh, mane ade ketua mpp.

haha prestij tuu

haha ok ok nanti aku ajak!

oh, tu member ko la tu?

el said...

rambo TS Lim tu mmg gempak abisss kahhh

|arieza| said...

i can spot u there. there. there! hahahaha

enyheartsdiamond said...

so lucky lah u! :D


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