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Pregnant Wife Beaten Because of Cravings

Ahh.. another shit news - Belasah Isteri Hamil Mengidam
Source of the news Here

If you read the whole story, you might not be sure who to support. Of course, people tend to support their own gender, especially in these kinds of cases.
But hey, beating a lady is never an option, no matter what. So, whatever it is, the guy is wrong and stupid.

Perempuan mana tak banyak songeh?

But i guess, this lady is very annoying like hell.
She craves (mengidam) for buah kelur or munggai and lempuk durian.
The fuck is that?
Can someone please tell me what fucking fruit is buah kelur or munggai?
And lempuk durian is what?
I know lempeng and i certainly know how to hempuk people but i don't know what the fuck is lempuk.

WTF is buah kelur?

Well, nobody really knows the real story, but basically this annoying bitch just found out that she's pregnant 2 weeks ago.
And all of a sudden, she starts to crave for weird stuff. Yeah right.
Just 2 weeks into finding out that you're pregnant (so basically that must be around 3+ months, i guess) and you are already asking for out-of-this-world food?
Come on.

Seorang wanita yang hamil empat bulan cedera di kepala dan badan apabila dipukul suaminya selepas dia mengidam buah kelur atau munggai serta lempuk durian dan meminta suaminya mendapatkan dua jenis makanan itu. 
Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 11 malam kelmarin di sebuah rumah di Bandar Baru Sentul, di sini, wanita terbabit yang berusia 28 tahun dipercayai ditumbuk dan ditendang suaminya yang berusia 30-an.
Sumber berkata, ketika kejadian si suami baru pulang dari kerja sebelum mangsa memintanya keluar dan membeli makanan berkenaan kerana dia mengidamkannya serta memberitahu tidak dapat tidur jika tidak memakannya.

Typical wife and husband daily expression

The husband just got back from work, must be tired and all, and this bitch must have been going like
Abang, saya nak blabla blabla, tolong carikan sekarang!!

And the husband must be like
Ala yang, penat la, nanti la dulu, biarla abang rehat ke apa ke. Tunggu la hujung minggu nanti abang cari la. Lagipun dah pukul berapa dah ni, dah lambat dah, mana ada time ni.

The wife, being a typical woman, will keep on insisting the shit.
Ish abang ni, cepat la saya dah mengidam dah ni, cepat la pergi cari bang! Kalau tak saya tak boleh tidur laa!

The husband, nearing his boiling point ,
Ish awak ni banyak songeh la, dah la saya malas la, awak nak awak cari la sendiri. Menyusahkan betul la. Orang nak rehat pun tak senang.

So, the bitch got pissed off,
Oh, camni la kan awak. Time awak penat, awak nak 'tu' saya tak bising pun. Saya benci awak, malam ni awak tidur luar! Awak ni memang jantan tak guna bla bla bla bla

So, the hubby raged and belasah the wife.

So, who to blame? Whose fault?
Well, the guy has no bloody reason to hit the woman, his wife at that, no matter what. And the wife, come on la, stop being a bitch and stop being mengada-ngada and please be more rational.

Women crave for stuffs all the time, huh (fuck yes, you don't need to ask me). And they crave even more weird shits when they are pregnant.
I don't know why, i ain't no female.

You see, when you are pregnant, and when the baby is deprived of some nutrition, it will send a signal to the mother's brain. For example, when the baby lacks protein, it tells the mother so.
It is up to the mother to interpret the signal. A normal human being would think of chicken, turkey or fish for a good source of protein.

But women, on the other hand, usually have a fucked up way of deciphering signals. So, instead, they ask for pulut mangga la, sup lidah lembu la, Belgian truffles or even a buah kelur. You know, weird weird stupid stuffs.

So, cake or lemons?

So, my point here is, use your brain and apply some logic to it, and use it well. And don't let emotions cloud your judgement.
The wife shouldn't ask for weird stuffs in the first place, but even if she did, the hubby has no right whatsoever to hit her.
Sorang sensitif/gedik/gelabah/demand nak mampos and sorang lagi pulak baran nak mampos. 
What a match.

Oh, and there is even a case where this one Malay Muslim wife craves for a babi panggang during her pregnancy.
Now maybe that really deserves a beating or two.


ayaa alyy said...

i read that story too td. and i was like wth ! haha.

first i dont blame both of them. but i'm worried about the baby condition. sbb nya it effect the baby when mummy get hurts :)

and fyi, lempuk durian tuh mcm bubur durian. and i really hate it. it smells bad :P haha. but most people suka lah :P

p/s : kalo dh smpai babi panggang pon nak mmg nk kena hempuk lah kn ? :P but most of pregnant women always craving for something weird :P

Zura said... cakap kalau ngidam mase ngandung jgn ikutkan sangat...

Anonymous said...

ayaa, if you read the whole story, the baby was fine and the lady was treated as normal patient.

i'm a female. and i think that lady is spoilt and don't know where to stop. baru 2 weeks mengandung, is too early to justify of hormone imbalance.

most of pregnant women do not craving something weird, so far all of my makciks and friends who do, do not asking for weird stuff like that psycho wife.

i don't champion women get beaten, but she is asking for it. but the husband could just hold his anger, and the wife should be a bit more sabar and understanding.

for two weeks preggo, WOMAN, you STILL can drive and go find the blardy food by yourself!

azalia hjsalleh said...

hurmmmmm , x tau apa nak kata. just hope baby dlm kandungan x effect la

Encik Psychopath said...

aku rasa la..

buah kelur = telur

munggai = penis.


Globalized Dayung said...

Ahhhhhh.....what an early day for me here? It's all about controlling our own mind. Asking for a weird thing, come on be sensible whether it can be found or not. And again 2 weeks pregnant, maybe she can find all those two things by herself. Yes both sides are to be blamed but both sides are also need to learn how to TOLERATE...Husband and wife must understand and tolerate to each other..that will make a happy family...

azureEn said...

ermm not sure what to say. and not sure which side i am. but for sure err not the husband lah. u dont have to beat her. just ignore sudah. naek atas katil and buat2 tidow can rite..? -.-"

im not yet a wife. so i DONT KNOW HOW OR WHAT IT FEELS when a women is pregnant. mayb we cant blame her, maybe dye org kampung ke. atau hanya mind set dye yang if u get pregnant, u have to craves for sumthing weird! ah but i wish im not. i wanna be normal pls T.T

once heard a story bout this women craving to bite a seliper jepun. compare wif weird food, this is sooooo wth??! O.o

anyway, she will need to carry that baby for 9 months.. so why dont.. why dont for that one nyte, go out and get what she wants. mayb bring her along.. then u can spend time together ;)

Lia3003 said...

hm, actually.. saya ada baca buku or apa ntah, tapi tak ingat tajuk nya apa. mengidam ni boleh dikawal oleh perempuan. but, kata orang tua2, kalau isteri mengidam tunaikanlah sebab takut nanti anak yang lahir meleleh air liur.. the truth hanya allah yang tahu,

the point is, mengidam boleh dikawal,

Arief Arf said...

ayaa alyy,
oh, lempuk tu bubur durian eh? okay, thanx for the info!

betul, takleh dimanjakan sangat

yeah, you're right. she's just being a pain in the ass.

poor baby

encik psychopath,
tak mungkin. kalau camtu, nape laki die nak marah lak? unless..

globalized dayung,
yeah, tolerance is the word!

nanti bila pregnant you'll know. hahaha

betul, mengidam ni semua dalam otak je.. jgn diikutkan sgt

Amirrah Zawani said...

buah kelur tu apa?? first time dgr..
i rasa 2,2 salah.. yg isteri tu pun jgn la nk ngada2 sgt.. dh tau suami penat balik kerja.. tgu lah esok ke.. yg suami pulak, kalo yea pun, jgn lah sampai nk pukul isteri tu.. adehh dunia2 =_=

BENA said...

BABI PANGGANG ? hahaha . xde mende lain ke nakkk weyyyy .

cop ! ko xtahu ek lempuk durian ? ish2. kejam la ko nihhhhhhh :)

nabila aqila said...

Belgian truffles tak pelik2 lah :p

KucingMalaysia said...

Salam singgah,
semoga kita sama2 dapat manfaat dari berblogging :)


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