Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fuck the Touch N' Go Topup Machine

It's been a while since i posted something under the sial label.
This happened on Monday.

So, i just got back from the office, and i went to the topup machine to top up my Touch N' Go card at the Kelana Jaya RapidKL station.
The machine is easy actually.
Just press the topup button, insert your money and touch your card and your card will be topped up.


But nothing is easy when it comes to me. It's just one of those days.

After inserting RM50 into the machine, the money got stuck inside and the machine displays "TIADA SERVIS".

The fuck?
I pressed and half-smashed the buttons and yet nothing happens. Not even a receipt of the transaction (or the non-transaction, to be more precise).

Mesin bodoh

So, in rage, i went to the ticket counter and told the brader.
He said that they can't do shit about it and i have to go to Touch N' Go's main office in KL Sentral to get my money back.
I was like WTF?

KL Sentral alone is just pure madness. Going there at 6pm during the rush hour is just insane. I had no choice.
So, i went to the office and i had to take a number and queue up. Again, i raged.

When my turn came, i told the akak about my situation. She took down my card number and what not, and asked me the number of the machine.
How the fuck am i supposed to remember?

I told her to call the station and just ask for the number but she couldn't do that since Touch N' Go and RapidKL are different entities. WTF? I don't give a fuck, i just want my money back.
She asked me to go back to the station and take note of the number.

I fucking raged and i told her that all i remember was that the machine is the first one on the left.
Oh, maknanya nombor dia C01 la tu.
Fuck, whatever.

After getting all the details done, she told me that i have to wait for a month, exactly one month for me to get my money back. They need to investigate the shit first and all that jazz.
I was like, WTF? What's the problem, can't you just open the machine back and give me my money already?

No, they said because the machine will only be opened once a week or something.
Come on la, even in cheap arcades where you play a 50sen game, the apek will help you to smash the machine and get your money back if your money is stuck.

Remember this?

But no, i have to wait for a fucking month to get my RM50 back.
And the worst part is, i have to go there AGAIN to collect my money. And the akak said that they won't even call me when the shit is done. I have to just come there and be hopeful that everything is done.

Now i can't top up my card, i have to fork out extra money to go to your fucking office, and i have to wait for a fucking month to get my money back, and i have to spend more money to go to your fucking office to see your fucking face again to collect my money, just because your machine fucked up.

Tak ada duit susah, ada duit pun susah

A small problem which could have easily been solved in a matter of minutes became a month-long wait. I can accept the fact that your machine fucked up, hell, everybody fucks up once in a while. The thing is, the whole fucked up process is what makes me rage.
And i have a feeling that in a month's time, there will be more problems at the office. I can bet.

Any of you guys faced this problem before? What are the odds? Damn.

If only i had this in my bag..

And what if i smashed the machine and get the money myself? Will somebody come immediately to arrest me or will it take a week or a month for them to take actions?

Fuck you Touch N' Go, fuck your machines, fuck your methods in dealing with problems, and fuck RapidKL too.


Zura said...

alahai siannye...nk dpt duit balik payah..tunggu bulan plak...erm...

Globalized Dayung said...

So funny... It's in KL.... well the management needs to figure out the fastest way to solve that problem. If the machine can be opened after a week, then u should get the money within a week. Well there is no need for them to call you...why dun just EMAIL it to you....bukan mahal pun tp staff buka fb adalah (MAYBE)!!!

BENA said...

hahahahaha! aku tau ko bebetol marah nih . hehehe. ayat akhir semua nak ade fuck !

bongoks nye mesin . maen gile tul mesin tuh . ko tendang jek bile2. hahaha :)

syazryn sabry said...

kesiannya kau..lebai malang pun x semalang ini..

bawak2la mandi bunga dowhhhhhhh

Coffee Girl said...

For a RM50 u have to wait a month? And even that, u have to press ur luck, not even sure if you'll get it? Well doesnt that beat all! tsk tsk tsk...

azureEn said...

yeahhh fuck them!! all this machines.. just gonna messed up our life when they started to TELAN all d money all d bank card. pastu servis macam haram!!

anyway did they provide any emergency number on the machine incase sumthing happen? they shuld u know. its like, when the money stuck, call them, n they will come right away. that sounds better rite..? but oh well they sucks. :)

Sham (Modern Pastime) said...

HAHAHAHA. okay, first of all, i feel sorry for you. when machine fails us, it's still okay i think. but human? :/

and second, i should start having this 'sial' label in my blog too XD

nn said...

and sometimes scan card dia tak detect so scan lagi sekali. tengok-tengok dia charge double. memang F lah kan.

azalia hjsalleh said...

wow. mmg marah betul eyh u nie.
kalo i jd u, terus balik je kot. terpaksa halalkan je duit tuh walaupun x sudi

NaNaoSaKi said...

wahhh.. nie ntry bengang btol ni.. hehe..yg plg xboleh blah bila die xkn call u blk if dorg da settle kn prob tu.. ape punya servis la..

@DdY said...

buat report kat malay mail or the star. kompem dapat respon fast and furious dr diorang ;)

Amirrah Zawani said...

OMG!! kalo i pun kompem bengang gila.. grrr!! sabar je la.. =_=

Arief Arf said...

thats why la. tak efisyen langsung!

globalized dayung,
yeah, they can fb and online everyday but not do simple stuffs like this.

tu la.. memang nak sepak je mesin tu

syazrin sabri,
kau pun dah tekena malang gak hahaha

coffee girl,
tough luck eh

nope, i dont think theres a number on the machine.. =(

Arief Arf said...

a sial label is actually nice you know haha

pernah ke? tak pernah plak.. oh maiii 0_o

halalkan? no way. sanggup meredah lautan api hahah

thats y la the service sucks

good idea, thanks!

haihhhh X(

chrisbrixton said...

Love this post. I blogged about my recent experience with Touch'N'FuckOff.

Seems they implement a system that

a) costs you more to use over cash
b) costs you to top up
c) makes it impossible to get hold of the cards (all out of stock)
d) makes it difficult to top up

It's all bollocks

Anonymous said...


nitestalker said...

thanx for da info... better topping up at da counter for my next transaction....

usabukata said...

Ini dia punya BOD
Y.Bhg. Dato' Zainal Abidin Putih
Y.Bhg. Dato' Sulaiman Mohd Tahir
Mr. Peter William England
Mr. Francis Collin Lazaroo
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Mr. Vincent Lee Leong Yow
(Alternate director to Y.Bhg. Dato’ Azmil Khalili Dato’ Khalid)
En. Mohammad Fuad Khusairi
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Ini dia punya office
Corporate Office
Touch 'n Go Sdn Bhd
6th Floor, Menara 1,
Faber Towers,
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58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-7625 4700
Fax: +603-7625 5001
Touch 'n Go Careline Centre
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Eskapisminda said...

Our country is damn famous with stupid systems and stupider implementations by stupidest (i mean - never even want to use their brain) officers. I suggest you email this to Prasarana official email and let them chew this. Can you imagine if that RM 50 is the only money someone has until the end of the month? Rakyat diutamakan? Righttttttt....

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