Monday, April 11, 2011

Sexually Attacked by Pondans!

This is a really weird and funny shit.

KUCHING: A student lodged a police report yesterday claiming that he was sexually assaulted and robbed by three transvestites while on his way to school.
The 18-year-old claimed he was walking past a row of food stalls towards a bus stop along Jalan Haji Taha around 6am when the transvestites suddenly appeared and grabbed hold of him.
The trio then forced the student to a secluded area near a row of shop houses, where they were said to have performed fellatio on him before relieving him of RM10.

Source Here

Basically, an 18-year old guy was sexually assaulted by three (3) pondans in Kuching, and they robbed him RM10.
To put in a more logical light, the guy basically got himself a blowjob from three pondans at the cost of RM10.


How the fuck could this happen? How could a guy be err.. raped by pondans?
Okay, some pondans are really strong, but then again, this shit won't happen if you don't want to.
I'm not sure if the guy actually enjoyed it or not. LOL

I think the guy is just sore with the fact that the service was not good and he had to pay RM10 to those pondans. So, he's embarassed and so he made a police report.
Whatever it is, this is a bloody hilarious news.

This, is/was a man. Serious.

I've been to Kuching once and yes i saw some pondans and some hot chicks (i'm not sure of the authenticity though), but then again, i think there's nothing to be afraid of.
Those 'things' are only hostile if provoked, or unless you are a really really hot guy.

Zaman sekarang ni lelaki pun dah tak selamat jalan sorang-sorang yo!


azureEn said...

hahaha omg i cant stop laughing. poor him! bhahahaha

err i think he did enjoyed it. a bit? lol =P

free tuuuuuuuu eh silap. rm10 for 3 blowjobs? thats cheap! rite? =D

Coffee Girl said...

Hahaha! He got a bj, and he's complaining? If he was forced to give the pondans a bj, then im sure he has every right to complain. LOL. but then again, that kid is probably traumatised coz he's a V. cant blame him.

nn said...

teringat cerita senario the movie - osman kering sexually harassed. lawak.

maybe pondan-pondan tu horny and need money?

Misshy Innz said...

err err .
ini kelakar .
hahaha xD

∂α∂уαиα said...

geez. what a shame. rm10 for some stupid jobs. desperate shameless creatures. tsk3.

Judiene said...

This is so fuckin' hilarious!
I mean how come he was given fellatio and still complain?
I bet he was not satisfied with the service he got.
What a perv!

Cyril Dason said...

The bJ must not be as good as the authentic one.. that's why he complained =P

Globalized Dayung said...

Cyril....hahahaha!!! Good like what oh? Hard teeth or smooth hot skin???

Tiq said...

Hahahaaha OMG !!!!

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