Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Well Do You Know Your Shit?

To be the shit, you gotta know your shit. heh
So, here's a diagram for you to get to know your shit better.

The types of shit are

Click for larger shit

So, which shit do you usually shit?
Some people say that you are what you eat. But i think you are what you shit.

Don't forget to check your shit later ok guys? And if you are willing you can share your shit as well. ahaha

And speaking of shit, it reminded me of this.

Wait for it..

Holy shi-

It was a long time ago, you can click HERE to read the shit story (pun not intended).
Sorry if i made you puke or lose your appetite. That's the whole point.


Nurulbadiah Lai said...

oh my..
macam celaka haha

Zura said...

eeeeee...yerkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..xlalu nk tgk..muntah..

Tiq said...

erkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk dem...hahaha

Judiene said...

Your objective of posting this entry has failed!
In fact, I'm eating Cadbury Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts while reading this.

azalia hjsalleh said...


sha a.s said...

x leh blahh la semua pic tu....haishh

wahida said...

tak kuasa nak tgk semua pic tu..disgusting!!

salam bro.. thanks drop by my blog...awat tak follow sekali? takpe, biar saya yg follow dulu, saya tunggu tau!!

nice blog!!

BENA said...


Amirrah Zawani said...

erkk.. goli den =_=

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