Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Which Tier Are You?

Take a look at this photo.

Now, which tier are you?
I am in the God tier. muahahhahaa
Who says Computer Science sucks huh?

Yeah, i'm god. haha
This thing is just a joke, but rather true nonetheless.
Wait, no. This shit is TRUE.

So, what field are you in? And most importantly, which tier do you belong to?
Butthurt? heheh.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day HARAM and All That Shit

Today is the 14th of February, which is the Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day seems to be the hot topic these days, with more than a few parties stating that it is haram and what not.

Now, this is an endless debate. Some say it's okay, some say it's haram while some just don't give a fuck.
Well, call me cetek pengetahuan agama, or a pagan/atheist/freethinker whatever, but personally, i think it's not haram and it's just like any other celebration.

It's just like any other day

People say it's haram because of the history of the day, and remembering the saint/priest and shit. But really, who gives a shit about that priest?
People celebrate the day with their loved ones, and they go out for dinner, give roses (among other things), and not pray to the priest or give offerings to him or something.
SomeMost people don't even know the history at all.

Apparently, nobody really knows or gives a fuck about this dude

People would always say, 'Oh, i don't celebrate Valentine' because it's against our culture'.
What the fuck?
If you don't want to celebrate it, that's up to you, but what is against our culture? Why oppose other people celebrating it?
Is going to dinner against our culture?
Just because we go for a dinner on a Valentine's Day makes it haram, is it?
This, leads to something haram

Of course, you can show your love on any other day of the year, but is it wrong to show it on this day as well?
Does this mean that to be a true Muslim, we must NOT show our love and NOT give gifts at all for this whole day?
Does this mean it is not haram when we go out on any other day except Valentine's?

I don't see anything haram in this

What is haram is the haram activities. If you have sex or give up your virginity to celebrate with your partner, THAT is haram .
If you have beer or wine or some alcohol, that is haram .
But heck, it is haram on any other day too, right? You don't need a fucking reason or a special day to do haram stuffs.
And just because Valentine's Day is associated with love and sex, it does not mean everybody is gonna do it.
Get what i'm saying here?

This is definitely haram

I know a lot of you might disagree, but hey, this shit is overhyped.
They say, 'any day can be a celebration of love, why just show it today?'
Who the fuck shows it just today? Everybody loves each other and even make love every fucking day but today is just that extra special day, just like your birthday.
Everyday is your fucking birthday if you really appreciate your life.

So, since tomorrow is Maulidur Rasul, why only show your love to the Prophet just on that day, why not everyday?
Why do we celebrate Father's Day, Mother's Day? Does that mean we only love our prophet/father/mother only on that day?
Big fucking NO, right?

So basically Valentine's Day is just a special day for this, just to make it more interesting. Just like those other commemorative days. You can celebrate anything you want anytime you want, it's just that this day is 'the official' day. No big deal.

Is this haram? I don't think so

Heck, even father's and mother's day originates from the West, so why do you follow that? To say that Valentine's Day is not for our culture is utter bullshit. As long as you don't do anything haram, nothing is haram, no matter what.
Just because you go out for a dinner and buy a bouquet of roses for your partner on a Valentine's Day is haram, is it? If it is, what about on normal days? HALAL?

You gotta be kidding me if this is haram too?

And, what about the festive seasons? Muslims don't celebrate Christmas, Muslims don't celebrate Gong Xi Fa Cai and Deepavali. But they still wish each other and go to open houses and all, right?
Is that haram as well?
No, right?
What about the spirit of 1Malaysia?

If you say that giving gifts and all on a Valentine's Day is haram because we are indirectly worshipping the saint, so does this mean going to openhouses on a Deepavali means we are worshipping the Hindu gods too?
Hell NO right?

Please be fucking consistent on your fucking judgement and don't use the priest shit to back up your stupid argument.
Again, Valentine's Day is haram for Muslims IF / WHEN you do haram activities or if you pray to the priest or you make a sacrifice for him or some shit.
Haram thing is haram no matter what no matter when.
Wishing others a Happy Valentine's Day is fine.

I admit, i'm no Ustaz to make a fatwa nor am i a religious dude with a vast religious knowledge, heck, there's a lot that i don't know, but what i do know is how to use my fucking common sense.

This.. is not necessary

These 3rd-world mentality needs to fucking change people.
Don't just go about saying this is bad, that is haram while you don't even know shit.
It is haram in some way, but not the way that most people think it is.

Oh by the way, i'm not 'celebrating' Valentine's Day anyway.
No, not because that i'm afraid of a fucking JAIS raid (not that i have anything to be afraid of anyway). Not because i think it's haram.
It's just that the Girlfy is not around. *sobs*

To those that are caught in tangkap khalwat, they deserved it. Padan muka, bodoh. Dah tau sekarang banyak rush lagi nak pergi hotel. Memalukan bangsa and agama. 

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day (if you wish to be wished), and a good day to you.
Everybody has their own opinion, and so do I. If you have anything to say regarding this, or if you think that there is a mistake somewhere, please, by all means, drop a comment below.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Why it's Bad to Sleep During Maghrib [True Story]

Sleeping during the senja or dusk or Maghrib time is not a good idea.
You'll always oversleep and you'll end up with a bad headache.

This is what happened to me last night.
Click the picture to view my comic. X)

Click on it to have a better view and click again to zoom

True story.
Have you experienced anything like this?
I'm sure you have.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Burlesque Movie Review

Sorry for the long delay in posting. Cuti CNY maaa.
Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Anyway, it's been a while since i did a review on a movie. Last night, i watched the pre-screening of the movie Burlesque.
The movie's runtime is 119 minutes, quite long, but it is a musical after all.

I'm not really a big fan of musicals, but i don't hate it either.
But we are talking of Christina Aguilera here, people.
Oh my.

She's fucking hot. Beautiful. Cute. Sexy.

So, the movie is rather predictable, typical, or cliche you might say.
But the songs are nice, Christina's vocals are awesome as always, the dancing is pretty neat, and a lot of sexy women can't go wrong.

comel nyaaaaa

Oh, and check out the song 'Bound to You' by Christina Aguilera. It's a slow, sentimental song with powerful vocals. Typical Aguilera. I likey like.

Watch this movie if you are a fan of Aguilera, musicals, theatres or maybe even Glee.
It is worth it.
Here's the trailer of the movie.


 Oh Christina, you just made my day.

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